Welcome to pynetworking’s documentation!

High level network communication

This tool abstracts network communication to a level, where you don’t have to care about network communication. Server side functions can be called at the client as they were local. Functions may be called with parameters and may return values.

NOTE: This library has currently not a stable version. You are welcome, to use this library in your project and report issues or improvements.


  • Directly call functions at the remote side
  • Get the return values
  • Don’t care about sockets


When you have setup everything this is an example how easy it will be to communicate between the server and a client:

At the server:

def add(number1, number2):
   return number1 + number2

To call it at the client:

result = server.add(5, 10)
print(result) # Output: 15


The easiest way to install is to use pip:

pip install pynetworking

It is also possible to clone the repository from Github with:

git clone https://github.com/JulianSobott/pynetworking.git

Getting started

Checkout the getting started guide. In this guide you will learn how to write a simple login application. This guide covers all basics, that are necessary.

If you are already familiar with this library and just need a brief recap, there is a checklist


The project is licensed under the Apache Software License.